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Free Shipping On Orders Over $149

Snail Trail

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  • or Tattoo Artists, By Tattoo Artists - Snail Trail Stencil Gel was designed and formulated by tattoo artists with tattoo artists in mind. This gel is made for all types of skin, even sensitive skin. This non-toxic transfer solution is not only safe, but long lasting and effective. Once the stencil has been placed, it dries fast and lasts. That way it won't fade or wipe away as you tattoo.
  • Ink & Needle's Best Friend - Regardless if you are using a carbon printed stencil or a hand drawn stencil, snail trail stencil gel will help to transfer every line and detail crisp and clean. As a tattoo artist every detail and every line matters. Snail Trail will make sure that every detail is transferred for the entirity of your tattoo session, regardless if it only an hour or it is eight hours.
  • Precise and Clear Transfer - The most intricate and detailed design will transfer accurately onto the skin. Snail Trail's transfer solution can gently be whipped without the lose of any detail. Snail Trail also will allow you reapply the stencil as needed during application. While wet (before drying) the stencil can be whipped off and reapplied if needed (before drying).
  • Professional Artist Grade - Snail Trail is made for tattoo artists and tattoo shops by tattoo artists. It is also made with the customer in mind. Our specially formulated stencil transfer solution is safe for all types of skin, vegan friendly, non-greasy, and has a pleasent smell!
  • Made in America - Snail Trail was founded, formulated, and made in the USA, right here in the South East, in Georgia. We stand by our product because we use our product, everyday. Every tattoo done by us is using Snail Trail Stencil Gel to transfer the stencil onto our customer's skin, so we know it works, and works well!