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Kwadron Combat Mag Cartridges

Original price $74.99 - Original price $94.99
Original price
$74.99 - $94.99
Current price $74.99

Box of 16 Combat Magnum Cartridge Tattoo Needles by Kwadron

Kwadron tattoo needles are known for being precisely made with high-quality materials for optimal performance.

Kwadron cartridges boast a unique stabilizing system for optimal tattooing. The cartridges also employ a full membrane that protects from ink back flow. These cartridge tattoo needles are made with medical grade plastic housing, which helps reduce friction between the needle grouping and the tip. The surgical steel needles are razor-sharp and designed with utmost precision for every configuration.

This listing is for one box of 16 Kwadron Combat Magnum cartridge tattoo needles.

Kwadron Needle Taper Reference:

Kwadron Taper Sizes Length
Long Taper 7mm
Medium Taper 5mm
Short Taper 3mm


  • Medical grade plastic cartridges
  • Surgical stainless steel needles
  • Precise needle configurations
  • Optimal ink flow
  • Engineered with unique needle stabilizing system
  • Full membrane protects against ink back flow
  • Needle Diameter: 0.35mm
  • Short Taper (ST) = 3mm
  • Long Taper (LT) = 7mm
  • Medium Taper (MT) = 5mm
  • E.O. (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized
  • Price per one box of 16

Kwadron Sterilization Certificates