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Free Shipping On Orders Over $149

Eternal Ink Standard Colors 2oz

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Eternal Tattoo Ink

Eternal Tattoo Ink is a premium, pre-dispersed ink manufactured in the USA. This high-quality ink is non-toxic, glycerol-free, and water-based, making it a top choice for professional tattoo artists.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Dispersed Formula: Ensures smooth and consistent application, providing vibrant and long-lasting results.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe: Made with non-toxic ingredients, ensuring safety for both artists and clients.
  • Vegan and Glycerol-Free: A water-based formula that is vegan-friendly, catering to ethical standards and preferences.
  • Wide Color Range: Explore an extensive collection of colors, offering every shade you could possibly imagine for your tattoo artistry.


  • Product Type: Pre-dispersed tattoo ink
  • Base: Water-based
  • Safety: Non-toxic and glycerol-free
  • Ethical Standards: Vegan-friendly
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA

Elevate your tattoo work with Eternal Tattoo Ink, known for its exceptional quality and extensive color range. This ink provides professional artists with the reliability and safety they need to create stunning, vibrant tattoos.