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Free Shipping On Orders Over $149

Eikon 6' Long Clip Cord

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Eikon Device – 6 Foot Black Wire Clipcord with 1/4” Mono Plug

Eikon Device has dedicated over 20 years to advancing tattoo equipment by providing industry-leading innovation and high quality supplies at an affordable price. The Eikon Clip Cord, manufactured in house from the highest quality components, features a 6 ft. long 22 AWG (American Wire Gauge) silicone wire with a 1/4” mono plug on one end and a spring-loaded clip end on the other end. This lightweight wire is designed for durability; it is incredibly flexible to prevent any twisting and has strain relief on the mono plug end. The Eikon Clip Cord can be used with Eikon power supplies to power any tattoo machine with a clip cord hook-up.

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