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Free Shipping On Orders Over $149

Ego Hawkflow Disposable Grips - Gray

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Box of 15 Hawkflow Disposable Gray Cheyenne Hawk Grips by Ego

Ego brings the first disposable and adjustable tube to use with your Cheyenne Hawk Machine – the Hawkflow. All it takes is a few turns of a screw and you can set the needle depth to what you need. The ergonomic design and soft silicone-like material provide supreme comfort and each tube comes complete with its own needle plunger bar for ease of use. It works with the Cheyenne cartridge system so that only one tube is needed per tattoo Please Note: Discounts will not be accepted with this item.


  • For use with Cheyenne Hawk machines and cartridge system
  • Fully adjustable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft silicone-like material; high quality and strong ABS plastic
  • Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide and individually packaged
  • Price per one box of 15 disposable gray grips