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Dynamic Hardline Ink 8oz

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Dynamic Hardline Ink - 8oz

Developed by world-renowned tattoo artist Big Meas, Dynamic Hardline Ink is crafted specifically for tattooers seeking the perfect black ink for lining and shading. With two years of meticulous development, this custom, highly pigmented black ink offers superior performance and reliability for professional tattoo artists.

Key Features:

  • Artist-Developed: Created by the esteemed tattoo artist Big Meas, ensuring the ink meets the high standards of professional tattooers.
  • Highly Pigmented: Offers rich, deep black color for bold and precise lines as well as smooth shading.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both lining and shading, providing versatility in your tattooing techniques.
  • Superior Performance: Formulated for consistent flow and optimal results, making your tattooing process smoother and more efficient.

Product Benefits:

  • Rich Black Color: Delivers a deep, true black that holds up over time, ensuring your tattoos look bold and vibrant.
  • Smooth Application: Designed for smooth and consistent application, whether you're lining or shading.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Developed by a renowned artist with years of experience, guaranteeing quality and performance.


  • Size: 8oz bottle
  • Formulation: Custom black ink, highly pigmented for professional use
  • Application: Suitable for lining and shading

Elevate your tattoo work with Dynamic Hardline Ink, developed by Big Meas for tattooers who demand the best. This highly pigmented black ink ensures bold, precise lines and smooth shading, making it an essential addition to your tattooing supplies.