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Dotwork Cartridges

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Dotwork Cartridges - Box of 20

Master your dotwork and stippling skills with the Peak Dotwork Ink Drawing Cartridge. This innovative cartridge offers a unique hand-drawing experience that mimics the feel of tattooing, allowing you to develop vital techniques such as whip shading and linework.

Key Features:

  • Tattoo-Like Drawing: Designed to provide a hand-drawing experience that feels just like tattooing, perfect for practicing dotwork and stippling.
  • Versatile Mediums: Draw on a variety of surfaces, including canvas and wood, to create non-digital works of art for your physical portfolio.
  • Wide Compatibility: Easily fits into any universal cartridge tattoo machine, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Multiple Colors: Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Pink to suit your artistic needs.
  • Multi-Use: Ideal for shading and blending practice as well as linework and dotwork.

Technical Specifications:

  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Pink
  • Type: Ballpoint pen cartridge
  • Compatibility: Works with any universal cartridge tattoo machine
  • Applications: Suitable for various surfaces, including canvas and wood
  • Manufacturer: Peak
  • Packaging: Box of 20 cartridges

Product Benefits:

  • Skill Development: Perfect for tattoo artists looking to refine their dotwork and stippling techniques.
  • Artistic Flexibility: Allows for creative expression on multiple surfaces, enhancing your portfolio with non-digital artwork.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly fits into your favorite cartridge machine, making it easy to switch between tattooing and drawing.

Enhance your dotwork and stippling practice with the Peak Dotwork Ink Drawing Cartridge. Available in a box of 20, these cartridges provide a versatile and authentic drawing experience, helping you develop your skills and create stunning artwork.