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Biodegradable Machine Bag

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One Box of 100 Biodegradable Tattoo Machine Bags by Saferly

Ensure a hygienic and eco-friendly work environment with Saferly Biodegradable Tattoo Machine Bags. These high-quality machine bags are designed to be both effective and environmentally conscious, providing you with a green alternative for your tattoo supplies.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Material: Made from biodegradable materials, these green machine bags help reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Convenient Design: Each bag measures 5” long and 5” wide with a single open end, making it easy to slip over your tattoo machine and poke the ends through the corners.
  • Easy Dispensing: Packaged in a perforated easy dispenser box for quick and efficient access to your machine bags.
  • Hygienic Protection: Helps maintain a clean and sanitary work environment by protecting your tattoo machine from contaminants.


  • Quantity: 100 machine bags per box
  • Bag Dimensions: 5” x 5” (127mm x 127mm)
  • Material: Biodegradable
  • Design: Single open end for safety and ease of use
  • Packaging: Perforated easy dispenser box

Keep your tattoo practice both hygienic and environmentally friendly with Saferly Biodegradable Tattoo Machine Bags. These bags offer a simple and effective way to protect your equipment while making a positive impact on the environment. Each box contains 100 bags, ensuring you have a reliable supply for your tattoo sessions.