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Free Shipping On Orders Over $149

Adenna Pink Dental Bibs 18 x 13

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$11.99 - $34.99
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Pink Adenna Lap Cloths/Dental Bibs

Ensure a clean and efficient workspace with Pink Adenna Lap Cloths/Dental Bibs, designed for durability and superior absorption. These cloths are perfect for tattoo artists, providing both functionality and style.

Key Features:

  • Soft Yet Strong: Crafted from two layers of paper bonded together with a layer of poly film, these cloths are soft to the touch but resistant to tearing.
  • Effective Absorption: The poly film layer offers water resistance, making these bibs excellent for absorbing liquids, ink, and moisture.
  • Embossed Surface: The horizontal embossing on the surface helps prevent liquid and moisture from spreading, protecting clothing and other surfaces.


  • Material: Two layers of paper bonded with a layer of poly film
  • Color: Pink
  • Features: Water-resistant, highly absorbent, and tear-resistant
  • Design: Horizontal embossing to prevent liquid spread

Add a touch of color to your studio with these pink lap cloths, ensuring a professional and clean environment. The Pink Adenna Lap Cloths/Dental Bibs are essential for any tattoo artist looking for reliable and stylish protection.